”Due to stress and burnout, I could see dark patches developing on my face. I personally do no prefer any chemical treatments on my skin because of its sensitivity and dryness. So, I started using Clave Kasturi Manjal powder combined with powdered oats and green grams and started to feel a great difference in my skin texture and also patches have disappeared substantially. I would totally recommend their products for its quality and safety. Thanks for the wonderful products that are truly reliable and worth. Have to appreciate the eco friendly approach in packing their products as well.”


Software Engineer (Chennai)

”I have been using your products exclusively for a while now and truly enjoying taking care of my skin. My skin tone has evened out a bit. My skin feels so much softer lately. All in all, I am in love with your products. I have spread the word to my girlfriends about you. I’ll definitely be back for more soon. Thanks so much.”


Designer (Thrissur)

”I’m so happy to be a part of Reshmi’s venture. Clave’s products have been creating a positive ripple and awareness amongst people about the goodness of chemical free and completely organic products. It’s great to know that Clave is also helping the local farmers in their process. It’s been a very satisfying experience for me with Clave.”


Healthcare worker (Australia)

”I have always had positive experiences with Clave and am happy to be a customer of such a wonderful company. The service is great when I have had to call in the past and the shipping is quick.”


Banker (Cochin)

”I have used three products from Clave Organic so far and I am absolutely loving it! I had bought their kasturimanjal, pepper, and honey and one can feel how authentic the products are from their aroma and feel! Everything – right from the quality of products, pricing, packaging to the service- was fabulous and I have become a fan of their products now. Eagerly waiting for more stuff from Clave”


Designer (Bangalore)