Our Team


” Born and raised in the picturesque misty mountainside of Wayanad, Western Ghats, the greenery and lush nature is forever etched in my memory. Tribals were and still are an integral part of Wayanad’s ecosystem. Their crafts, especially their jewellery with colourful seeds left me in marvel as a child. A grown-up me, now an MBA in Finance, working in a corporate company wondered why not work out something to uplift the silent and oblivious local farm products and crafts. And that is where the idea of Clave Organic India kick-started.”


“Since childhood I have always loved meeting people, listening to their stories, and anecdotes. It is possibly the same love that drove me to pursue an MBA in Human Resources. Rural Indian village craft products are something I share the same fondness with. The handmade and handcrafted village produce have their own personality and panache that keeps making me fall in love with them every single time. Clave Organic India’s idea conceived because we wanted to bring together genuine Indian rural products that have a tale of their own. Sourced from local tribes, farmers, and artisans we believe we have been successful in our mission of being vocal for local.” 



“After completing graduation in Fashion & Lifestyle Accessories from NIFT and working with multiple corporate design houses, work-life was turning mundane and cushy. The thirst to do something meaningful and helpful for those who have limited options to grow dwelled within me. That’s when I realized that I was always destined for being an entrepreneur, with nothing but a strong passion and an open mind to learn. I got together with a few like-minded ladies who shared the same drive and passion. We took a chance, to learn, to explore, and to create and let our thoughts run free and wild with Clave Organic India, supporting and encouraging the forgotten charm of Indian village craft merchandise.”